Church building fundraising vehicle raffle

Sunday 6th July 2014 saw the launch of a bakkie raffle at St Mary’s parish (Lobamba).
Fr J. Mahazule, Vicar General of the Diocese, represented the bishop.
Here they tell us about the event.



1 Chronicles 22:11

Now my son, the Lord be with you and have success and build the house of the Lord your God. As He said you would”


  • To raise awareness of the church building project

  • Launch the car to be won on the 27 December 2014

  • Advertise the car and promote the sales of tickets

  • Sell other accessories to raise funds for building the church

  • Request pledges so to assist in building of the church

The Event

The event was divided into three stages:

  1. The Grand March

  2. The Eucharistic celebration

  3. Speeches/Entertainment

The Grand march

IMG_2079A beautiful day it was! The weather was in favour of the St Mary’s Parishioners as they gather at the Lobamba bus terminal commonly known as Emasilahheni. The brand new Chevrolet utility van was the center of attraction even for non Catholics. All members of the church were there before the commencement of the grand march at 0900hrs.

Parish priest Fr Maseko, the Vicar, Fr Mahhazule, PPC, fundraising committee and the congregation in their numbers.

The grand march was led by the Salesian brass band and St Mary’s High drum majorettes. With excitement and joyful sound the congregation followed after the priced car. Lobamba community was stirred with awe to witness something never seen before. Whole Community came running to the road to behold and marvel what was unraveled before there sight. The congregate sang and dance all the way to St Mary’s mission where the Eucharistic celebration was to take place.

Eucharistic celebration (Holy Mass)

IMG_2112The ushers did a wonderful job to usher the multiple number of congregates into the small church structure. The Holy Mass was of high spirit. It was uplifting and edifying. The songs and prayers blended excellently with the atmosphere of jubilation and excitement. Fr Mahhazule (the vicar) and Fr Maseko led the congregation through the celebration. The choir responded with angelic melodies that embellished the house with full praise and adoration to God.

Fr. Mahhazule delivered a well prepared homily that encouraged and challenged the St Mary’s parishioners. “It begins with you”, is the phrase the vicar tied his homily to. It was his emphases to the congregation that St Mary’s Parish members must take the lead in the church building project.

After the Holy Mass was completed, the congregation was led by the Silesians Brass band to the tent. This is where the final part of the Launch was to occur.

Speeches/ Entertainment

IMG_2159Vibrant program directors did not disappoint as they kept dishing more to the congregation gathered under the tent. The directors thrilled the members with jokes and motivational words. All congregates remained gloomed to the front where speeches and entertaining entertainment was unfolding. Ticket sales personnel were as busy to, selling multiple of tickets at E50 each. Fr Mahhazule bought 20 tickets and promised to add even more, the Lobamba Member of Parliament doubled that and bought 40 tickets. A number of congregations promised to top that! Speeches were delivered from a number of individuals of whom most even pledged their support to the success of the project. Speakers included the Lobamba member of Parliament, Mr M Masilela, and GM motors sales representative to name but a few.

Entertainment included the Salesian Brass Band (yooooo…h! This boys are phenomenal, salute!), St Mary’s Girls and Boys dance group, St Mary’s Catholic Heavenly Voices and a Poem by Mrs Bazuzile Khumalo.

The Chairperson of the Parish pastoral council, Mr Sandlasenkhosi Ndlela made his closing remarks. He voiced out his vote of thanks and emphasized that this is just the beginning of a very long journey. He told the members that they still a lot to be done and requested assistance from every member. Lastly he informed members that the car was not donated by GM motors but is to be paid back in full at the end of the project.