Young Apostles of Christ

YAC1 1Last 21st June 2014 we organised a Seminar for the YAC at Sigcineni. There were 43 members present for the programme. It was  a wonderful day. Every body was extremely happy with the programme.

The Catechist on behalf of the Church members expressed his joy and appreciation to the sisters and to Fr. Joseph, who came for the celebration of the Mass.

Different issues were discussed on how to go about with the current situation of the youth as YAC and the Church at large. One of the important question was given to the groups to discuss and after the discussion the leader of the different groups  presented the outcome of the discussion  to the assembly. The following was the question and answers.

Discuss and write your opinion and observation why some of our members left the Catholic faith and embrace other denomination?
  • Lack of the knowledge of Catholic faith (two groups)
  • Because of marriage
  • Because of a job offering
  • Distance to the church
  • No prophesy in Catholic Church (two groups)
  • Some believe Catholics are worshiping Mother Mary and idol worship.(all group)
  • Catholic are not reading the Word of God (all groups)
  • No musical instrument (All group)
  • Leaders of the Church are not living well
  • Priests are not living exemplary life
  • Too ritualistic
  • No proper understanding of Mother Mary and the Holy Trinity (two groups)
  • There is nothing that attract new members to join where as in other churches they are attracted by many things.
  • They think that there is no preaching.
  • Most of the people do not like the time of the Mass.
  • They don’t like the liturgy of the church.
YAC 1Sr.Theresa and Sr.Dimaya tried their best to clear all their doubts regarding our faith so that they help others. We believe that young people have potentials to change the society. Let’s work with them.
Motto: “Light of Christ, let it Shine.”

Report by Sr. Dimaya MSMHC