May the Lord uncover his face to you

Happy new year!

We have probably been looking forward both to a new year and to the end of the previous one. The year 2020 had started – like any other year – with great hope; with the hope of something new and better but we were suddenly faced with an unprecedented situation: the whole world being affected by a virus able to completely affect our ordinary life.
Some words and expressions became part of our vocabulary: “stay home”, “social distance”, “quarantine”, “masks”, “lockdown”, “self-isolating”, “pandemic”, “sanitize”…

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Men’s prayer meeting

by Bishop Jose Luis IMC

COVID19 has certainly affected the way we used to do things. In a number of cases we have just been completely unable to do “as we used to”.

At the same time it has also challenged us to find new ways to continue our being “baptised and sent”. Far from feeling there was nothing we could do and sitting down waiting for this to pass and go back to what should be normal, I am always amazed at the different initiatives being developed in our diocese.

One of them has been taken by the men.

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