St Peregrine

Rev. Fr Wiseman Nkomo (Priest in Charge)

St Peregrine (1927)

Bulandzeni, Hhohho, Swaziland

P.O. Box 230. Buhleni, Swaziland

Telephone: +268 7621 0107

Sunday Mass: Bulandzeni

11:00 A.M every Sunday

Weekday Mass:

5:30 P.M Tuesday to Friday

7:00 A.M Saturday, Public holidays and School holidays.


Every 5th Sunday 9:00 A.M -10:00 A.M

Benediction and Adoration: Every First Sunday at the end of Mass.

Other mission stations:

Herefords, St Peter (Nyakatfo), Good Samaritan (Enkambeni) and Ndzingeni.


Telephone: +268 2437 1084.