Fourth Sunday of Advent – Year A

by Fr Dabulamanzi Ntshangase

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Let us awaken the Joseph character in us

We are on the edge of Christmas and we must use the remaining time to prepare ourselves to celebrate this beautiful feast worthily. We are getting ready to receive Christ into our heart because without him our hearts and homes will always be empty. In the recent days, the world is drowning in bad news: robberies, murders, kidnappings, human trafficking, etc. We are longing for good news: forgiveness, peace, love, respect for human dignity, etc. However, the best news of all is the news brought by an angel to Joseph that Mary will give birth to a Son whom he shall name ‘Jesus’ for will he save all people from their sins. This is a historical event (incarnation) where Jesus came down on earth to confer on us the dignity of ‘children of God.’ This is a time for us to act like children of God and restore the dignity of children of God in us: we need to ask for forgiveness to those we have wronged, we need to forgive those who have wronged us as well, we need to share what we have with those who are less fortunate. It is a time for us show sensitivity and unselfishness as Joseph did.
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Missionary priesthood (identikit)

Address to the clergy by Archbishop Peter Wells during the Diocesan Missionary Congress (21 – 23 November 2019)

Missionary priesthood (identikit)
according to Evangelii Gaudium
and Pope

As we draw nearer to the beginning of the Advent Season, we will soon pray those “Great O Antiphons” – the Magnificat Antiphons – of the last eight evenings of that beautiful season of expectant longing. Among the many ancient titles given to Jesus there is: “O Radix Jesse” – “O Root of Jesse” (Is 11:1). The Prophet Isaiah uses the image of the tree stump – the root – the source of the branches that emanate from the root, to illustrate a return to dynastic origins (Jensen & Irwin, 1990:237). Jesus is “The Root”. In places like eSwatini this image rings particularly true. Anyone who has grown up in a rural area knows that without strong roots the plant will never flourish.

This is especially true in drought stricken areas, where at times the life giving rains come at rare intervals. Our roots, therefore, must be strong, firm, and lasting.

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Third Sunday of Advent -Year A

by Fr Dabulamanzi Ntshangase

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Be brave and patient in times of trial

On this gaudate Sunday (third Sunday of Advent) all readings contain words of comfort, patience and perseverance in the waiting of Christ. Isaiah in the first reading calls us to take courage and not to be afraid because God is coming to save us. The Apostle, James, further calls us to be patient and not to lose heart in the waiting for this coming. He urges the kind of patience and hope that farmers show in waiting for their harvest. Jesus directing his words to John the, baptiser, says that ‘blessed is the person who does not lose faith in me.’ This message of perseverance and patience in the waiting of Christ should sink into our hearts because more often than not we find ourselves faced by dark and difficult situations in life. As a result, we lose faith and opt for despair.
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Celebration of lives lost through HIV/AIDS

by Hamilton Khoza


On Sunday 1st December 2019, The St. Joseph Sacred Heart Sodality and Parishioners celebrated the beginning of Advent; a period in our Calendar that ushers in observance of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to our world in the form of a human being.

The liturgy was prepared in a way and manner that included celebrating the lives of our brothers and sisters we lost over the years through the dreaded disease caused by acquiring the HIV Virus. This also included a prayer for all those who were affected by the loss of their loved ones.
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