A call to prudence not a sign of faithlessness

by Fr Ncamiso Vilakati

In my past three years here in Rome, never have I seen a quiet, serene eternal city before. Staying right at the heart of the city, habitually until 4am, there is movement of people. When all of a sudden there is unobtrusive and withdrawn noise that itself seems so foreign to me. The Covid-19 pandemic (coronavirus), has brought to a standstill the once glorious Rome. How sad it is when we see from television how subdued Rome has become not withstanding my other beloved city Milan. Continue reading “A call to prudence not a sign of faithlessness”

Holy Mass on our social media

As we go through the coronavirus pandemic, the diocese of Manzini will be offering different digital services in order to help everyone spiritually.

One of them is the Sunday celebration of Mass. On this fourth Sunday of Lent, Bishop José Luis IMC presided Mass at Little Flower chapel. Members of the sodality of St Cecilia joined him and led the hymns.

The Mass was pre-recorded due to the uncertainly of having a proper internet connection for a live streaming. Continue reading “Holy Mass on our social media”

Bishop’s statement on Covid-19

by Diocesan Media

Brothers and sisters, the church today is in exile. We live our lives without actively participating in the Eucharistic Sacrifice which is the highest form of our worship. The Christian community has chosen to live its life away from communal prayer in order not to spread this Virus.

This choice does not mean that the Christian community is afraid of sickness or of death. It does not mean that the church is blindly obeying civil authorities. The decision of the church is rooted in the Church’s understanding of the value of human life.

Below is Bishop Jose Luis IMC’s statement, following the “Declaration of national emergency in response to coronavirus” issued by the Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini, with directives for the Diocese of Manzini. Continue reading “Bishop’s statement on Covid-19”

Fourth Sunday of Lent – Year A

by Fr Z Ngwenya

Click here for Sunday’s readings

First Reading: 1 Sam 16: 1. 4. 6-7. 10-13;
Responsorial Psalm: Ps. 23: 1-6
Second: Eph 5: 8-14
Gospel: Jn 9: 1-41

From the beginning, Christianity has manifested itself as an amazing paradox; perhaps, this is the key to today’s readings. God does not look at appearances, as men do, but at the heart. This is the reason he chose the youngest of Jesse’s sons to anoint him king of Israel. The Christian paradox does not surprise us. The Christian God is the one who is closest and, at the same time, the most remote. He is omnipotent but comes to us as weak. He is a loving Father, with an interior that is maternal. He is spiritual and invisible but makes himself visible in the transparency of flesh. In the human way of evaluating persons and things, the greater the task the more one looks for the best trained leader, with a strong and attractive personality, and a greatest number of qualities. In today’s first reading, God reveals he does just the opposite: he chooses the little, that which does not count in the eyes of men. With this paradox, God highlights what matters most in a mission: not just personal qualities but the strength and power of God’s Spirit. Continue reading “Fourth Sunday of Lent – Year A”