April 2019: Doctors and their Collaborators in War-Torn Areas

by Fr Frank Majka SJ

Jesus said we should “love one another as I have loved you.” Yet many times we human beings harm one another in ways that are violent and often lethal, especially in war. We may feel that our causes are just, but even in “just causes” people are killed, burned, maimed, disfigured or left to face lives filled with pain and suffering. Often those who are harmed are children. In one part of the world, over a three-month period this past year, 1,600 people were killed or wounded, 33% of them children. And though the warring sides are trying to negotiate their differences, the violence and suffering continue. Continue reading “April 2019: Doctors and their Collaborators in War-Torn Areas”

Reflection for the fifth Sunday of Lent – Year C

by Fr Martin McCormack s.d.b. MA.LPC

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We live in a land where gender based violence is prevalent. I have experienced this up close and personal twice since I’ve come to Eswatini. Most recently three years ago in Malkerns with the murder of Nobantu Sukati. Is there any regard for women I ask some days.? In the gospel this morning we see The scribes and Pharisees had no regard for the woman. They were only interested in using her to try to trap Jesus. She was a pawn in their game of chess. They had no regard for the fact that maybe she did not initiate the sin, perhaps it was the man. But Jesus is full of compassion. Continue reading “Reflection for the fifth Sunday of Lent – Year C”

St. Joseph Sodality celebrates Feast at St. Philip’s

by Maduduza Zwane

St. Joseph Sodality celebrated the Feast of St Joseph at St. Philip’s  on 23 March 2019, with the needy and vulnerable children.

Father Pius Magagula presented on the life of St. Joseph, Father Mandla Makama presented on the Social teachings of the church, Our secretary Mahlubi Hadebe presented on prostate cancer and Musa Dlamini from Justice and Peace presented on conflict management.

The Sodality is accustomed to organising talks in its activities such as meetings, conferences, pilgrimages and celebrations. The aim is to be together as men to share prayer, to get to the habit of praying together, to share life and faith to enrich our lives, lives of our families, lives of our parishes and the life of our diocese. The talks are always preceded by Mass and adoration of Eucharist. Continue reading “St. Joseph Sodality celebrates Feast at St. Philip’s”

In solidarity with Mozambique

Photo: St Egidio

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


We are all aware of the unprecedented devastation caused by Cyclone Idai in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. It is considered that, just in Mozambique, about one million people have been affected.

For many years, Sr Florence Tsabedze, born in Eswatini (Good Shepherd Parish) and a member of the Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception has been serving in Mozambique. In the last few days she shared with me: “Concerning the needs, basically we need food, clothes, medical care… The bishop’s house in Beira, the Cathedral, mission, convent, outstations and many more shelters have been badly damaged, apart from the simple homesteads. Here the situation is worse because people are still dying of cholera and malaria caused by the cyclone. Dead bodies are still found in the seashore…”. Continue reading “In solidarity with Mozambique”