Deaf News – December 2018

by Fr Mark James OP

Seven Catholic Deaf from Eswatini join with Mariannhill celebrations

Seven Catholic Deaf members will join Mariannhill Catholic Deaf for their celebrations in Mariannhill from 8-10 December 2018.

This is the cementing of a long-established relationship between the two communities that goes back to the days when Fr John and his A-Team, including his brother Brian Turner and Debbie Eaton, used to come to Eswatini to say Mass. They did this for many years. Sadly, it ended with the death of Fr John on 17 June 2013. Continue reading “Deaf News – December 2018”

Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent

by Fr Mark James OP

Second Sunday of Advent – “Prepare a way for the Lord” 

Last week I went to visit a Deaf family near Luve. Driving back, I was conscious of all the roadworks happening on the road from Manzini to the King Mswati III airport. I noticed that modern roadworks and design follow the Biblical injunctions that are present in today’s first reading and Gospel where Baruch (5:8) says that the day is coming when the Lord God will level the mountains and raise the valleys and make the ground level and the road smooth and straight for the people of Israel. Continue reading “Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent”

“Keep the promise – Know your status”

by Nercha Executive director

On Friday 30 November 2018, Hope House commemorated the 2018 World AIDS day under the theme “live positively – Know your status”. The speeches reminded us where we are coming from and how much has been achieved. We remembered the suffering, the tears, the struggle to keep our hope alive, the funerals we attended. We pray daily to God, asking Him to keep us strong but also to help us stop so much suffering. God listened to our prayers. Though there is still no cure for Aids, it is no longer a death sentence.

Below is the full speech of NERCHA Executive Director

Continue reading ““Keep the promise – Know your status””

“One Minute Sunday” by Fr Dumisani Vilakati

by Bp José Luis IMC

From the first Sunday of Advent, we are launching a new service with the help of Fr Dumisani Vilakati. It is called: “One minute Sunday”.

Though particularly directed at “Instagram” users, it will also be available on our webpage. 

Instagram only allows videos that are under 60 seconds. With that in mind, Fr Vilakati accepted the challenge of presenting the message of the Sunday readings in under a minute. Continue reading ““One Minute Sunday” by Fr Dumisani Vilakati”