June 2019: Socio-Professions and Political Actors


Text: Luke 12, 41-44Commentary: The Parable of the Two Stewards

The Church family of God is a servant. This is recounted in the Lucan parable of the faithful steward (Lk 12:41-44).

The parable shows us what is expected of the steward. He is a zealous, competent and honest worker. He distributes food ration to the servants, counts the expenses of maintenance of their clothes. He is a responsible economist and commercial agent who supervises the herd, manages the oil factory, construction and salaries. Aware and faithful, he is trustworthy. As a reward, he is given even more important responsibilities.

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Reflection for the Seventh Sunday of Easter – Year C

by Fr. Dumisani Vilakati

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First reading: Acts 7:55-60
Responsorial: Psalm Psalm 97
Second reading: Revelation 22:12-14, 16-17, 20
Gospel: John 17:20-26

This Sunday, which hangs between Ascension Day and Pentecost Sunday, forces us to focus on heaven as we look towards God who judges with justice.

In Southern Africa these days are normally dedicated to praying for the unity of Christians.
Also, on this Sunday, the Universal Church keeps the World Day of Prayer for Social Communications.
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Reflection for Ascension day -Year C

by Fr. Dumisani Vilakati

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First reading: Acts 1:1-11
Responsorial: psalm Psalm 47
Second reading: Hebrews 9:24-28; 10:19-23
Gospel: Luke 24:46-53

After forty days since Easter Sunday the Church celebrates the ascension of the Lord. The ascension is a way of Jesus becoming fully present to his disciples, ourselves, as he continually blesses us.

The first reading highlights the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus as we are told that he chose the apostles by the Holy Spirit. Remember too that at the visit of the angel Gabriel to Mary, Luke tells us that she was filled with the Holy Spirit. So, where there is the Holy Spirit there also is Jesus. It is the same Spirit that the apostles will receive and as such be enabled to be witnesses of Christ right up to the ends of the earth. As Jesus ascends, a cloud takes him from their sight. The symbolism of the cloud recalls the exodus experience. In that dramatic moment of the exodus, God appeared to the people in a pillar of cloud, at least by day. We are told there that the cloud provided some protection from the Egyptian army which was in pursuit of God’s people. Even as Jesus seems to take leave of the apostles, nevertheless God’s abiding presence among them is assured in the symbolism of the cloud herein recalled. As they are looking up two men appear in their midst who continue to give them some instructions on Jesus. There will be a second coming of Jesus. We continue to wait for this as Christians under the firm guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading “Reflection for Ascension day -Year C”

Memorial Lecture for Late Bishop Mandlenkosi Zwane

By Maduduza Zwane

Embezzlers of Charity Funds are Murderers – Archbishop Slettary

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in partnership with the Good Shepherd Parish hosted a memorial lecture in memory of the late Bishop Mandlenkosi Zwane on Saturday 11th May 2019 at the Parish’s High School.

The late Bishop Mandlenkosi Zwane was awarded by the South African Government led by Thabo Mbeki then with the order of the companion of O.R Tambo in Bronze for his caring ministry to both South African and Mozambican refugees; his strategy to pull communities out of poverty; his support for the struggle against apartheid in South Africa and the strength to rid churches in Swaziland of their imperial trappings and colonial tendencies. Continue reading “Memorial Lecture for Late Bishop Mandlenkosi Zwane”