The fear to ask “why”

by Bishop Jose Luis IMC

During May I was asked to address members of the “Swaziland Council of Catholic Women” (SCCW) on “The Spiritual and Social approaches of the church to the suffering of the world”.

Preparing for the talk I remembered a story Bishop Barry Wood OMI used to tell us. Barry was the auxiliary bishop of Durban and a good friend. He died a year ago. We used to sit down next to each other at the bishops’ meeting.

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Reflection on the Tenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

by Fr Dumisani Mazibuko OSM

The Mission of Jesus was to defeat the devil once and for all. God the Father sent Jesus to the world to reconcile man with God by defeating the evil one. And so in the readings we see good overcoming evil even in difficult circumstances, good prevails. Indeed the power and goodness of Jesus surpasses the evil one. In the readings we see that what the devil presents us with is apparent good. And this apparent good is attractive but only for a moment for it brings shame and loneliness. We also see the consequences of evil and these are pain, enmity and death. But in all these, one born out of man will conquer the evil, Jesus is his name. Jesus gathers around him a new family, who nourish themselves with his word and presence and eureka, the evil one is conquered. Let us give thanks to God for sending us His Son through Mary our Mother so that we can achieve our full potential by conquering the evil one. Continue reading “Reflection on the Tenth Sunday of Ordinary Time”

June 2018: Social Networks

by Fr Chris Chatteris SJ

Pope’s Intention, June 2018.

Social Networks. That social networks may work towards that inclusiveness which respects others for their differences.

No is not Enough, is the arresting title of Naomi Klein’s latest book. She is often considered to be a hopelessly impractical, radical left-wing social commentator and feminist, eco-warrior. Her book is a response to the election of Donald Trump and it is a sustained attack on pretty well all he stands for.

So why is ‘no’ not enough? Well, Klein argues that the fact that a political party is criticised or even voted out of office is not good enough unless the opposition have a viable alternative political and social programme ready with which to replace the incumbent’s. A ‘no’ requires that a ‘yes’ is ready and waiting in the wings. Continue reading “June 2018: Social Networks”