August 2018: The treasure of Families

Happy multiethnic family sitting on sofa laughing together. Cheerful parents playing with their sons at home. Black father tickles his little boy while the mother and the brother smile.

by Fr Chris Chatteris SJ

Pope’s Intention. August 2018.

The treasure of Families. That any far-reaching decisions of economists and politicians may protect the family as one of the treasures of humanity.

There is a slew of studies these days which tell us what we already know and have always known. They inform us, often in a rather surprised tone, that marriage is good for us. For example, married people tend to be healthier, happier and even wealthier than people who are cohabiting. The children of married people also on average do better than the children of cohabiting couples. Continue reading “August 2018: The treasure of Families”

Reflection on the 18th Sunday of ordinary time year B

by Fr Zweli Ngwenya

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First readings (Exodus 16: 2-4. 12-15)
Responsorial Psalm (Psalm 77)
Second reading (Ephisians 4:17, 20-24)
Gospel (John 6:24-35).

Brothers and sisters on this Sunday, the readings call us to look back and be grateful to God for what he has done for us and what he continues to do for us right now. In most times we focus on what we lack or what we need and we allow that to block our vision towards the work that God is doing at the moment. Continue reading “Reflection on the 18th Sunday of ordinary time year B”