Reflection for the thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary time – Year C

by Fr J Mafola

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A reflection on the three readings reflects that being a follower of Christ demands a lot of effort and all other responsibilities have to take second place.

In the first reading Elisha who had been master until then, with money and possessions became now the servant of Elijah. He gave up the secure life of a rich farmer to start a prophetic life, a life full of risk and uncertainty.

Led by the spirit, Elisha broke with his past, his family and his possessions. Similarly those whom Christ specifically calls to follow him in the spreading of God’s kingdom must break away with sin and start leading a holy life. They must break away from their family and give themselves whole – heartedly to the service of the Christian community which has now become their new family.
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Reflection for Corpus Christi Sunday – Year C

by Fr Joseph Mafola

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Jesus welcomed the crowds, Jesus welcomes the Christian Community Sunday after Sunday as he kindly welcomed the crowds: we may absent ourselves or might arrive late at the service but Jesus is never absent. He precedes us all and welcomes us with open arms. This is what we call the table of the Word.

Jesus longs to heal our spiritual maladies as He healed the people listening to Him. He still invites us to repent from our sins, the beginning of the Eucharistic celebration. If we sincerely repent, we are sure of being forgiven. As he instructed the crowds about the kingdom of God he instructs us about the kingdom of God. Urging us to joyfully submit to God’s loving rule and he does this through the reading and explanation of the Word of God that precedes the celebration of the Eucharist.
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Reflection for Holy Trinity Sunday – Year C

by Fr Joseph Mafola

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1st Reading Proverbs: 8:22-31
Responsorial Psalm PS: 8:4-9
2nd Reading Romans: 5:1-5
Gospel John: 16: 12-15

At baptism God brought us into his own family. We must therefore come to know the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the members of that wonderful family to which we belong. Through the Holy Spirit we go on discovering God’s love, wisdom and power day to day, and our hearts are filled with joy at every step in our life.

Human terms fail to express the wonderful life that goes on between the three divine persons. God has willed us to share in that life. We started sharing it at baptism, when Jesus communicated to us the Holy Spirit just as he had sent Him on the apostles on Pentecost day. While in this world we partially share in God’s life: the work of the Spirit within us is to render us fit to share in full that life on reaching heaven.
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June 2019: The Priests’ way of life

by Fr. Andrij M. Hlabse, SJ

Catholic priest on altar praying with hands joined during mass service in church

Pope’s prayer intention: June 2019 That priests, through the modesty and humility of their lives, commit themselves actively to a solidarity with those who are most poor.

Jesus institutes the Sacrament of Priesthood at the Last Supper, when He gave His Body and Blood to His Apostles. Every Catholic priest looks on this moment as the foundation of that ministry in which he has a share. Jesus very consciously chose to make clear this institution’s inner meaning by performing an extraordinary act of humility and love at that same meal. Jesus washed the Apostles’ feet. Continue reading “June 2019: The Priests’ way of life”