Reflection for the thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary time – Year B

by Fr Sandile Mswane

The pilgrim church here on earth awaits the second coming of its Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For He has promised that He will come again (Mark 13: 26) to gather His faithful to Himself, take them to His Fathers kingdom. Without any doubt we know that Jesus will come back because God is always faithful to His word. What He says He will do He does it. He never breaks His promises. He is not like us as we never stick to what we have said. It is the goal of every Christian, to be in heaven (not in hell of course) with God as we have been promised that we shall see Him as He really is. The pilgrim church is moving very steadily but it is sure that it will reach where it is going. Some have reached as we also talk of the church in heaven our saints. Continue reading “Reflection for the thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary time – Year B”

November 2018: In the Service of Peace
Riot Police Watching the Protester in Thailand.

by Fr Chris Chatteris SJ

Pope’s Prayer Intention, November 2018.

In the Service of Peace. That the language of love and dialogue may always prevail over the language of conflict.

This is an intention well-suited to the age of Twitter and other forms of social media. There seems to be evidence that these new technologies somehow encourage people to verbalise their coarser, less worthy thoughts, often with disastrous consequences for relationships. Maybe it’s because we haven’t got used to them yet. We haven’t developed ways to bite our tongues, as it were, when we are on our devices. Hence, the language of conflict can get out there more easily and be widely disseminated in viral fashion. Careers can end; people can self-destruct; relationships can collapse because of a few words which are harsh or vulgar or racist and which were tweeted in a moment of loss of self-control. Continue reading “November 2018: In the Service of Peace”

Reflection for the thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary time – Year B

by Fr Sandile Mswane

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Like always, scripture reminds us of that which we do not want to do. It tells us that which we do not want to hear. We want to go to heaven yet we do not want to travel on the right path to heaven. We want to take our own whereas that one leads to destruction.

Looking at this Sunday’s readings, they reminded me of the conversation between Jesus and the rich young man. When Jesus told the rich young man to go sell what he possessed and to give to the poor and by so doing he will have his treasure in heaven. Surprisingly, instead of accepting the words of our Lord with joy, for this man also wanted to go to heaven, in contrary “when the young rich man heard this he went away sorrowful” (Mt. 19:21-22). Continue reading “Reflection for the thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary time – Year B”

Reflection on the Solemnity of All the Saints, year B

By Fr Sandile Mswane

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Watching one religious programme on the television one evening, I noted the preacher referring to his congregation as saints. A bit puzzled at first as a Catholic but immediately I comprehended that the preacher was imitating St. Paul in the scriptures who referred to Christians as saints. A Catholic, in his or her mind, might ask the question why did Paul refer to living Christians as saints because according to the Catholic teachings it is not like that. In answering that question maybe we can first look at the etymology of the word Saint. It comes from the Greek word hagios which means dedicated or consecrated to God, holy, sacred, pure, pious. Continue reading “Reflection on the Solemnity of All the Saints, year B”