Reflection for the Second Sunday of Lent – Year C

By Fr Martin McCormack SDB MA.LPC

Sipho is a prosperous and God-fearing farmer, is praying with his son one night at bedtime. Sipho says to his son, “Let us pray for that poor man who lives down the road, that the good Lord may come to his aid.” His son turns to him and replies, “But, Dad, we don’t need to bother God about that. We can do it ourselves.” prayer and good wishes are not always enough. Love in action is very powerful. Evil prospers when good people do nothing. Each of us here this morning has the power to transfigure the life of another.

I live in a mission where the call for food is never ending. I come out the door some mornings at 6 and people are waiting for help. The usual cry is I am hungry. There are many hungry gogos, two who are blind whom I assist every week. The rawness of their situation makes me wonder about community and Christianity. How can we as a Christian community transfigure the lives of others
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March 2019: Recognition of the Right of Christian Communities

by Fr. Andrij M. Hlabse

Pope’s Prayer Intention March 2019.

In the Church, God gives the gift to the whole human family of the possibility of being close to Jesus Christ. The Church extends in time and space the mission of Jesus while he walked the earth for our salvation, by offering us the chance to hear his words of forgiveness, be anointed with the oil of his Spirit, and to receive his Body and Blood. By being drawn into the life of the Church, especially the Sacraments, we are enabled to feel close to Jesus, to know his loving presence and action in our lives. Continue reading “March 2019: Recognition of the Right of Christian Communities”

Reflection for the first Sunday of Lent – Year C

by Fr. Martin McCormack SDB MA.LPC

Once there was a wealthy industrialist who decided to purchase a Zoo for his personal pleasure and to show off to his friends. He collected animals from all over the world, and his zoo soon became the most complete collection ever. One day the man heard about a beautiful type of gazelle in Africa. He was told he would never take one alive.

So he headed to Africa and the local people told him he had an impossible task. He told the African people I’ll get as many as I want and indeed he did. This is how he did it.
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