The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

by Fr Wiseman Nkomo

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The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: reminds us that if we like Mary the model believer place our Trust in God’s plans, we will receive our glorified bodies at the end of time.

Mary the model believer (Luke 1:38), Mary “the blessed among women” (Luke 1:45) is praised for her trust in the fidelity of God. God whose plans for humanity are always seen by him from the beginning to their fulfilment. He asks just one thing from the believer “TRUST.” She who through her “YES” becomes the mother of our Lord and it is from her that the infant Jesus got his flesh.

The Church has always known the inseparable bond that exist between Mary the blessed and her Son Jesus our saviour. Mary was preserved from the stain of original sin, she preserved her virginity even after childbirth has been venerated by the Church as one who was preserved from decomposition after death. The devotions were also coupled with request from bishops and individual devotees for this fact in the life of Mary to be declared a dogma in the Church.
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19th Sunday in Ordinary time – Year C

by Fr Wiseman Nkomo

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In the past two weeks Jesus has been teaching his disciples that they need to live lives completely dependent upon God. He has reminded them that since even the smallest things are beyond their control, they should not be anxious about anything. In simple terms Jesus says you cannot change anything by worrying about it. In teaching the “our Father” Jesus taught us that God knows everything we need and only through prayer can we come to know what we need too. He has already taught us his disciples that we are to seek his kingdom and all these other things will be given to us as well. This is where today’s gospel reading begins. Jesus tells his “little flock” not to be anxious or afraid. He promises them that God is pleased to give them “the kingdom.” But what kind of kingdom did Jesus have in mind? And who makes up the “little flock”? This week’s gospel reading addresses both of these questions this week. Continue reading “19th Sunday in Ordinary time – Year C”

August 2019: Families, Schools of Human Growth

by Guest author

Pope’s Prayer Intention: August 2019
Let us pray that families, through their life of prayer and love, become ever more clearly “schools of true human development”.

Let us first look at the Holy Family for inspirations. While the Holy Family may seem like an unreachable ideal for some, the circumstances faced by the Holy Family in life are more than relatable. Life got real very quickly for the Holy Family: Joseph had to leave his home country with his young family in order to avoid persecution; their only child was lost for three days during a family trip, and talked back at them upon being found. While many things can be distilled from these events, let us focus on one: Listening. Joseph listened to the voice of God through the angel and fled to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-14); Mary listened to Jesus after three distressing days of seeking but not finding (Luke 2:51b). After the finding, Jesus returned to Nazareth with his parents and listened to them by being obedient (Luke 2:51a). Continue reading “August 2019: Families, Schools of Human Growth”

Reflection for the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

by Fr Wiseman Nkomo

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Eccl 1:2, 2:21 – 23;
Col 3: 1 -5, 9- 11;
Luke 12:13 – 21.

Possessions without God and others are vanity.

In last week’s liturgical readings we were taught that it is God who provides for our needs. It is God who provides true knowledge, a knowledge which comes with the duty to act justly and it is God who provides for our daily needs. The call to act justly continues in this Sunday’s readings and this time there is a call to act justly in relation to possessions.
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