Children of Mary at St Joseph

by Babe Khoza

St. Joseph Parish witnessed little kids (9 of them taking Oath before God, the parish priest and the Church on Sunday 15th April 2018. The congregation was brought to tears of joy when little S’bakhele Mamba came forward and boldly took Oath to her God and promised Him that she will follow in footsteps of our Holy Mother Mary and work for God for the rest of her life!.

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Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord

by Bishop Jose

The Diocese of Manzini has, at present, 16 parishes. We know each one of them by the name of their patron saint: St Mary’s, St Peter & Paul, St Phillip’s… There was, though, one exception: the one we used to call “Florence Mission” or “St Florence”.

There has never been a St Florence in our diocese. Florence is the name of the area, the name of the Clinic and the name of the school. The parish is called: “Santissima Anunziata” as it is link to the Shrine of the same name in … Florence (Italy!).

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Report on the St Joseph Sodality Retreat

By Maduduza Gabriel Zwane

Retreat of the St. Joseph Sodality at Christ The King on the Feast of St. Joseph the Husband of Mary.

The retreat took place on the Feast of St. Joseph at Christ the King. The retreat was attended by members of the St. Joseph Sodality, Sacred Heart Parish Chairperson, four men from Our Lady of Sorrows and members of the St. Anne sodality at the Christ the King Branch.

Father Mandla Makama was the retreat master and presenter together with Father Victor and Father Gaston of Good Shepard and Christ the King respectively.

Father Gaston summarized the purposes of a catholic retreat that is a time of silence, prayer and self-introspection. It is not like conferences and meetings. We need during a retreat to pray alone and meditate until you start hating yourself for your sins. Father Gaston quoted the book of Kings Chapter 19:9-15.

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Retreat Program for the St Joseph Sodality

by Maduduza Zwane

In the past the St. Joseph Sodality Celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph by having talks which are preceded by mass. The Sodality invited the disadvantaged around the parish to lunch with them.

This year the Sodality has decided to hold a retreat in the true sense of a Catholic retreat to step back and assess our progress in the spiritual life.

This we regard as an excellent activity to practice within our church and sodality. The retreat will be inclusive of our church congregants, the Christ the King Congregants, Sacred Heart Congregants and Our Lady of Sorrows congregants. Hence, the Sodality invites members of these parishes to attend. It is hoped that men who are married in the church will exceed all the other distinct categories of the congregants. This retreat has been organized by the St. Joseph Sodality, a Sodality of Catholic married man. Hence all men are encouraged to attend. Continue reading “Retreat Program for the St Joseph Sodality”