Every Child’s birthright: A fulfilling Childhood

By Fr Wiseman Nkomo

Holy Childhood Celebration at St Peregrine’s Primary School.

Of primary importance in a FULFULLING LIFE in general is having a living relationship with one’s creator. At the initial stages of life a person has to dedicate his or her life to God, that is, to live only for Him. In the final stages of life to place one’s life in God’s hands, with all its successes and failures, its times of joy and of sorrow. Continue reading “Every Child’s birthright: A fulfilling Childhood”

Youth: prayer, formation and service

by Fr Wiseman Nkomo

The Church encourages complete development of a person i.e. Physical, Spiritual and Psychological growth. The youth at St Peregrine’s takes time out from usual daily routine to spend time with the Lord in prayer, with others in conversation and with ourselves in reflection on retreat. This year we were joined by youth from Santissima Anunziata Parish (Florence) at St Peregrine’s Mission from 21-25 December. Each day began with prayer of the Rosary followed by Mass. Continue reading “Youth: prayer, formation and service”

Christmas’ carols at the Cathedral

Like we do every year before Christmas, in the evening of Wednesday 20 December we met outside the Cathedral for our Christmas’ carols.

It is a beautiful way to prepare ourselves to celebrate Christmas. In our busy lives with so many things to do, with so many things to get ready, we stop for a moment to pray together with the help of the Christmas’ story.

We are led by children. Even at Christmas is a child that brings us together! Continue reading “Christmas’ carols at the Cathedral”

Bishop and (acting) parish priest

by Bp Jose Luis IMC

Since September I am both bishop of this diocese and acting parish priest of the Cathedral so I divide my time as best as I can between both services.

The weekend was a good example of what this means.

Saturday morning I presided the funeral Mass of Mr Louis de Souza as part of my service at the Cathedral. Not sure I have ever met him. Still, hearing about his life was very touching. He died at 47. He was born with “a hole in his heart” as it is popularly said and was given a span life of 40 years. It seems this never stopped him from giving the best of himself all through his life. He studies at the Salesian school, got a job, got married and had three children.  Continue reading “Bishop and (acting) parish priest”