Fake news manipulates readers

By Bishop Jose

At the beginning of this year, Pope Francis issued his message for the “World Communications’ Day” entitled
The truth will set you free” (Jn 8:32) Fake news and journalism for peace.

The Pope explained what “fake news” is:

In general, it refers to the spreading of disinformation on line or in the traditional media. It has to do with false information based on non-existent or distorted data meant to deceive and manipulate the reader. Spreading fake news can serve to advance specific goals, influence political decisions, and serve economic interests.

It is a serious matter because:

The tragedy of disinformation is that it discredits others, presenting them as enemies, to the point of demonizing them and fomenting conflict.

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“Spoil the Priests” lunch

by Lovey Ndlovu

On the 7th April 2018 the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) – Kwaluseni had  “Spoil the Priest lunch” at the Salesian Priest house, where they  invited 8 Priests from the different  parishes.

We intend to spoil them yearly, moreover, it is a way of showing appreciation for the wonderful work they do for us on a daily basis,  as well as to spend some time with them as they at all times have hectic schedules and they are constantly by themselves at the same time to get to know them better in a different environment. Continue reading ““Spoil the Priests” lunch”

Children of Mary at St Joseph

by Babe Khoza

St. Joseph Parish witnessed little kids (9 of them taking Oath before God, the parish priest and the Church on Sunday 15th April 2018. The congregation was brought to tears of joy when little S’bakhele Mamba came forward and boldly took Oath to her God and promised Him that she will follow in footsteps of our Holy Mother Mary and work for God for the rest of her life!.

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‘Rejoice and be glad’ by Pope Francis

On April 9, which this year marked the transferred Solemnity of the Annunciation, the Vatican released the latest Apostolic Exhortation from Pope Francis: Gaudete et exsultate: On the call to holiness in today’s world.

Helping people to be holy is one of the Church’s main tasks, in every era. At this time, being holy can be distorted by misleading or mythical ideas about holiness. So Pope Francis “exhorts” his followers to engage in a journey that takes place in the concrete here and now of our daily lives, in small gestures and little things, in which we are led more and more by God’s grace.

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