Feast of the Holy Family (C)

by Fr Mark James OP

When we normally think of the Holy Family we think of the perfect family. Jesus, Mary and Joseph were the holiest of families otherwise why would God have chosen them for the task of raising his Son. However, is this the reason why God chose them? If we take the incarnation seriously then there is good reason to recognise that this family too had its share of hardships.

In today’s gospel, we see Mary and Joseph suffering the anguish of having thought they had lost their child. It took them three days to find him again. Mary even asked Jesus: ‘Why have you done this to us? We have been so worried?’

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Christmas’ day

“The Word was with God and is God”

by Fr Mark James OP

Today Jesus Christ is born. We rejoice and are glad. We celebrate with enormous Christmas lunches. On this day, we come together as family and celebrate with special Christmas lunches. It is a time to be festive and give one another gifts. The Prince of peace is born. However, when we look around us very little seems to have changed. The poor are still poor, many of the rich are still greedy and the powerful continue to oppress. Evil still abounds in the world and sin still dominates our lives. What does it mean that Christ is born today? Continue reading “Christmas’ day”

Diocesan Altar Servers’ retreat

By Siyabonga Kwanda Ndwandwe

Although the announcement for the altar servers retreat was dispersed a few weeks back to all the parishes in the diocese, the young men did not disappoint, they came in large numbers. To show their devotion to their work, altar servers gathered at the Sisema building in Manzini on the 13th to the 15th of December 2018.

The organizing team which included Fr Theodomir Sibomana and seminarians: Khonzumenzi Dlamini, Thokozani Mkhonta and Kwanda S. Ndwandwe tried their best to do a good job. Continue reading “Diocesan Altar Servers’ retreat”

Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Advent

by Fr Mark James OP

Sharing our joy

The visitation of Mary and Elizabeth is a story of meeting. It is an encounter of two pregnant women, one elderly and the other a youth probably in her teens, that speaks about love, compassion and joy. It speaks of the ordinary human experiences of solidarity and concern for others. However, our faith helps us understand that this ordinary human encounter, like the encounters of our own lives, can also be encounters with God’s grace. Both these women were ordinary but at the same time extraordinary. They were extraordinary because they had both agreed to cooperate with God’s plan of salvation for humanity. Consequently, this is no ordinary encounter but rather one that is pregnant with meaning. Continue reading “Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Advent”