5th Sunday of Lent “B”

vaticannews.vaBy Fr M. Makama

The promise of a new covenant in Jer. 31:31-34 is the only place in the Old Testament where a new covenant is directly mentioned. In other places only reminiscences are found. At this point in the History of the people of God they were at their lowest, the Temple had been destroyed. They are in exile. They have also lost their land. This translates to a nation which has lost its identity because the Temple and the land were the two sources of their identity. In the midst of all these mishaps God promises them something beautiful, a new covenant which will be engraved in their hearts. This is a source of hope and strength for them. Continue reading “5th Sunday of Lent “B””

4th Sunday of Lent “B”

by Fr M Makama

The promised land is the inheritance that God gave to his people. When their infidelity to God has reached enormous heights, they lose God’s protection, their enemies run amock among and eventually cause them to leave the promised land and go into exile.

The physical departure from where God has placed them to go and be in exile is a movement that parallels the movement from God in their hearts which has manifested itself when they added infidelity upon infidelity . The agony which they went through living in exile is captured well in the Responsorial Psalm:

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Second Sunday of Lent “B”

by Fr M Makama

The story of God instructing Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac which is recounted in the first reading requires us to recognise that to Abraham Isaac
was the son who would lead to descendants as numerous as the stars of the sky. In the face of the barreness of his wife, Abraham had welcomed the
unexpected birth of his son Isaac, especially after the his son, born to a slave-girl was sent away together with his mother.

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Catechists Sunday – St John Bosco Parish

By Sr Susan Soren MSMHC

On the 18th Feb, the Catechists Sunday was celebrated in St. John Bosco  parish  Malkerns .Fr. Michael Whelten SDB Solemnized the Holy Mass reminding the catechists of their responsibility to impart faith to the children, youth and adults. He also handed over to them the catechism books which they’ll be using in 2018. The catechists’ co- ordinator Sr. Susan  Soren called out their names and introduced their task. Srs. Elsa Joseph and Mary Clara Topno too were present on this occasion as part of the Catechists team.

The catechists from the outstations celebrated their day in their own outstations, Fr. Mbongiseni Shabangu the parish priest celebrated the  Holy Mass for them on this special day.