Graduations at Ekululameni

By St Joseph’s Social Projects

On Wednesday 06 December about 30 students living with disabilities graduated in various fields offered by Ekululameni.

The main message was directed to parents who came to witness the graduation of their children in numbers:

  • that a disabled person in most cases is the parent who does not know what to do when he/she has a child with disabilities;
  • that failure to realize early enough what to do and where to get help is disability on its own;
  • parents were asked to support their children so that they start their own businesses

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Ending Aids together

This years’ Aids day commemoration at Hope House took place on November 30 as many other events would be held at local, regional and national level on December 1.

Somehow, Fr Larry McDonnel SDB (82) was the person most mentioned during the event and rightly so. He is the “founding father” of Hope House. “Only God knows how many lives you have saved with this initiative” someone pointed out.

After the opening prayer by Mrs Sithole he was asked to light the candle remembering those affected and infected by HIV/Aids and say a few words.

“This is our life. This is Christ, our life” he said.

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Celebrating Madre Cabrini in Swaziland

by Ben Kickert

2017 represents the 100 year anniversary of the conclusion of St. Francis Cabrini’s earthly ministry.

She dedicated her life to serving those in need and inspired generations after her to do the same.

On Friday, Cabrini Ministries Swaziland celebrated a special feast day in honor of the foundress after whom the organization is named.  Continue reading “Celebrating Madre Cabrini in Swaziland”