Towards the launching of “Renew Africa”


By Thandi Tsabedze

At the beginning of October about 40 people attended another workshop held towards the launching of “Renew Africa” in our diocese.

Mrs. Howe (Diocesan coordinator) welcomed all members, and apologized for the delay in starting the workshop.

She briefly explain to the members on what Renew Africa was all about and how it got started in the Hhohho District Parishes i.e. Regina Mundi, Mater Dolorosa, St. Peregrines, St. Constantine and St. Mary’s. Continue reading “Towards the launching of “Renew Africa””

Marching against human trafficking

By Bp José Luis IMC

It all started few weeks’ ago. Members of the Sodality of St Anne asked to see me at short notice to present an idea: they wanted to organize a march against human trafficking in Mbabane.
The main idea was to have a prayer day and create awareness about human trafficking in our country supporting government efforts in this regard.

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Diocesan Pilgrimage to Florence

By Bp José Luis IMC
Like every year, our diocese “pilgrims” to “Santissima Anunziata” (Florence) every year around the feast of Our Lady of Assumption, patroness of the diocese.
In what has now become a “tradition”, the official pilgrimage starts at 3 pm at Luve from where we walk 10 km to Florence. We did it for the first time in 2016 and we all felt it should become part of the yearly gathering.
The team led by Fr Dumisani Mazibuko OSM is to be praised for listening to the suggestions made after each pilgrimage in order to make improvements to the next one. We see the difference!

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