It was a joke until it hit home

by Vusizwe Motsa

When the outbreak of an unknown disease was first identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, nobody really paid much attention and we all thought it was ‘’their disease’’. I remember someone making a joke that China wasted an opportunity to name the virus with a name that recognises its genesis easily, like ‘’Kung-Fu virus’’. A plethora of jokes were made and those ludicrous jokes were funny until the pandemic hit Italy, spreading across the World and eventually our African continent. Suddenly, we woke up and paid attention. It was a joke until it hit home. The same virus that people were naive about was suddenly among us, affecting our own people and rearing its hideous head.

Nowadays, the coronavirus disease 2019, popularly known as COVID-19 and declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) in March 2020, is causing unfathomable havoc in the whole World. The Kingdom of eSwatini was not spared. Cases are skyrocketing daily and we have surpassed the thousand mark of positive cases, with death cases increasing as well. Since March 2020, when the lockdown was first put into effect, it seemed the right thing to do to combat the spread of the virus. But that also brought new challenges: people lost their jobs, businesses were closed, poverty levels took a dive for the worst, schools and churches were shut down, the economy was abruptly affected, etc. Continue reading “It was a joke until it hit home”

Covid-19 has forced ‘Normal’ to go on a compulsory leave!

by Fr F. Onyango IMC

Many people the world over seem to speak the same language especially when it comes to lockdown. Suddenly people have all the time in their hands that they no longer know what to do with time. Staying at home has now brought boredom, frustrations, fear, anger and uncertainty to many people. Some families are already experiencing tension and violence even as some marriages collapse as people struggle with the challenges brought about by the Corona virus. Nobody knows with certainty what will happen next. There is a myriad of questions brought about by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic; questions whose answers are as uncertain as the future itself. Questions like, when will the church be open? Will life get back to normal? How safe are we outside there? How long will the lockdown last? What will happen to our studies? What about the exams and what of our graduations? Will we still get our jobs back?
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St. Joseph Sodality gives to new parish

by Maduduza Zwane

A Twenty-Five-member delegation for St Joseph Sodality in the Diocese of Manzini visited St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish on the 23rd February 2020 for the purpose of recruiting married men at the parish to be members of the St. Joseph Sodality.

When the delegation got to Siphofaneni, it was difficult for them to locate the Parish because there was no road sign showing where the Parish was at Siphofaneni.

The Sodality felt there was dire need for a road sign to show where the home of the Word of God is at Siphofaneni.
The Sodality undertook to provide a road sign for the Parish. On Thursday 2, April 2020 observing the Social distance, and having washed their hands, Thamsanqa Mpanza and Gcina Mndzebele presented the Road Direction  Sign on behalf of the Sodality to Sanele Dlamini the Parish Pastoral Council Chairman on behalf of the St Ignatius of Loyola Parish.  Father Alwyn the Parish Priest was over the moon and said ” Thank you very much for this precious gift for the parish. May God bless St. Joseph Sodality”.
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Digital spiritual resources

It was over a year ago that we launched the “WhatsApp project” called “Diocesan News” inviting you to join and receive news from the Diocese.

We started with one group. Now we have six of them with over 1000 people! As “WhatsApp” has a limit in the number of people in one single group, we had to create new ones. You all receive the same information at the same time.

We are deeply grateful to you. We hope many more will join. If you have not done it and you would like to do so, send us a WhatsApp message to: +268 7662 0223 (please note that comments in the group have been blocked)

We would like to give you a summary of the digital resources available in our webpage. You know them already because you have been receiving them regularly. We do it so that you see them all at once and, if needed, you know where to find them again. Continue reading “Digital spiritual resources”