Deaf Awareness march

Fr Mark James OP (Deaf chaplain)

Approximately 500 people participated in a Deaf Awareness march through the streets of Manzini on Friday morning 28 September 2018. Carrying placards saying: “Respect my language”, “Respect Deaf children,” “Deaf not dumb” and “Respect sign language in Education” Deaf adults and children, escorted by the police walked through the Manzini central business district raising awareness. The march was organised as part of International Deaf Awareness week which runs this year from 24-30 September. People walking down the street and coming out of the shops at times gave a ‘thumbs-up’ as they indicated their support and encouragement to the Deaf people. This was warmly received by the Deaf people. Continue reading “Deaf Awareness march”

Couples for Christ Sessions

by Innocent Maziya

Couples for Christ Sessions 21 – 26 August 2018

The Couples for Christ (CFC) movement held spiritually enriching sessions between the 21st and 26th August 2018 at the Cathedral. These sessions were targeted at introducing new couples to the movement as well as strengthening marriages for existing member couples.
The sessions were conducted by three brothers and one sister from Couples for Christ in the United Arab Emirates. Continue reading “Couples for Christ Sessions”



(Celebrate the Legacy by wearing green!)

“When I give people bread, they call me a Saint. When I ask why people do not have bread, they call me a terrorist.” Fr Laurence ‘Larry’ McDonnell

This is the conundrum that has defined Larry throughout his Missionary life. It is the same conundrum that characterises the lives of many that have gone through struggle for liberation.

This is a book that chronicles the work of the Salesians and, in particular, that of Fr Larry, about how they shaped the lives of boys that went through their hands. It also brings out his contribution towards the liberations of South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. It also takes the story way back to the Potato Famine of Ireland, where most of these Priests hail, drawing a parallel between the liberation experiences of Ireland and South Africa, from the same colonial master – the British. It also links this background with the relationship that Ireland had with President JFK and how this has influenced their partiality to civil liberties, the worth of human dignity, the underlying need to protect vulnerable boys and the resistance against unjust authority, in general. Continue reading “LARRY – SIMPLY LARRY – the book”

St Peregrine’s annual harvest and Sr Paulina’s 50th anniversary celebrations

by Fr Wiseman Nkomo

The last weekend of August is always a special day in the lives of the Christian Faithful at St Peregrine’s Parish. It is a time of festivities where everyone gives thanks to the Lord for all the blessings received in the year especially the blessings of our fields. This year however seems to be a year of 50’s in the Kingdom of ESwatini with our Country commemorating 50 years of independence and 50th birthday of His Majesty. On the 26th of August at bulandzeni community under Chief Ndlaluhlaza there was a celebration of Sister Paulina Nyawo’s 50th anniversary of service to God and His people. Continue reading “St Peregrine’s annual harvest and Sr Paulina’s 50th anniversary celebrations”