Some initiatives of our EMY

by Bp Jose Luis IMC

The Diocesan team in charge of leading the “Extraordinary Missionary Year” has prepared a document with some of the initiatives being proposed. The text is constantly updated as this is an ongoing process


The Extraordinary Mission Year will begin officially in all our parishes on Mission Sunday 20 October 2019. However, prior to Mission Sunday, a night vigil to be organized at the Cathedral (6pm – 6am) on Friday 18 October 2019 during which various themes will be addressed.

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The demise of the Just

By: Siya K. Ndwandwe

One of our seminarians Siyabonga Ndwandwe prepared the following about the xenophobic attacks, women abuse and murder that has been going on in our neighbouring country. Let us stand in unity!!

Conscience is dead, Couldn’t handle the imprisonment,
The confinement in the wicked human heart,
Justice gave up being just.

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Gratitude from Hope House

by Sr. Elsa

July was a very busy month with house full of patients .Three of the clients were suffering from the third stage of Cancer and came with very serious conditions, all three of them died in RFM hospital after being referred. The four kids of Client S were discharged and went back home well improved in their condition and to continue with the ARVs. They had gained weight and were much improved.

T, 15 years, a defaulter is still battling for his life, he had been sent home and lost a lot of weight. M.K 33 years, another defaulter, has made a big improvement from the 23rd of July, now he is able to talk, eat and walk, we pray that he will be able to return back to his work. His girlfriend is taking care of him very well. Mrs. N 34 years came with her TB drugs and ARVs and was blind. The good balanced diet, physiotherapy and tender loving care promoted a speedy recovery. Her husband a soldier is also on ARVs.
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A country and a world without “trafficking in persons”

by Bishop José Luis IMC

Earlier this year, our diocese launched a “Trafficking in persons’ desk”. It was a natural step to be taken after all the initiatives of the past years: marches, round tables, awareness campaigns… It also followed a meeting of delegates from the Kingdom of Eswatini, South Africa and Malawi at Lilongwe in 2018 where the three countries and three organisations committed to work together: Caritas, the Eswatini Council of Catholic Women and Thalika Kum.

We were therefore grateful for the invitation to attend the launching of “The Kingdom of Eswatini National Strategic Framework and action plan to combat people trafficking” (NSFAP) last 8 August 2019 at the Royal Swazi Spa. Our diocese, through this desk, partners and want to be of support to the efforts being done by government.

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