“Keep the promise – Know your status”

by Nercha Executive director

On Friday 30 November 2018, Hope House commemorated the 2018 World AIDS day under the theme “live positively – Know your status”. The speeches reminded us where we are coming from and how much has been achieved. We remembered the suffering, the tears, the struggle to keep our hope alive, the funerals we attended. We pray daily to God, asking Him to keep us strong but also to help us stop so much suffering. God listened to our prayers. Though there is still no cure for Aids, it is no longer a death sentence.

Below is the full speech of NERCHA Executive Director

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First Communion at St Joseph Parish

by Hamilton Khoza


On Sunday 25th November our Parish welcomed 17 of her members into their next level of growth as Catholics.

During the last two years, the Chatechists in the Parish have been busy with their noble work of teaching and mentoring the children and some elder members who had not received their Sacrament of Holy Communion; and it was a really great day not only for them but the whole congregation who were witnesses of this important occasion.
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WFS – Launching the year of the Social Catholic Teaching


by Bp Jose Luis

Last November 2018 I launched a three-year program in our diocese. I called it: WFS. It stands for Word Faith and Social. I felt there was not much creativity in the name but at least it would give a clear idea of what I had in mind.

As I shared in the blog at that time (link) being installed as Bishop of Manzini, I shared on three things Catholics should be recognised for:

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Deaf Awareness march

Fr Mark James OP (Deaf chaplain)

Approximately 500 people participated in a Deaf Awareness march through the streets of Manzini on Friday morning 28 September 2018. Carrying placards saying: “Respect my language”, “Respect Deaf children,” “Deaf not dumb” and “Respect sign language in Education” Deaf adults and children, escorted by the police walked through the Manzini central business district raising awareness. The march was organised as part of International Deaf Awareness week which runs this year from 24-30 September. People walking down the street and coming out of the shops at times gave a ‘thumbs-up’ as they indicated their support and encouragement to the Deaf people. This was warmly received by the Deaf people. Continue reading “Deaf Awareness march”