Called to lead during trying times

By Bishop José Luis IMC

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Livi laba yinyama!
The Word became flesh!

Our diocese celebrates once again having received the news that Dr Rosemary Khosi Mthethwa has been elected International President of CICIAMS (International Catholic Committee of Nurses and Medico-Social Assistants – Vatican City). This is a very important recognition of the faith, dedication and capabilities that Dr Mthethwa has shown all her life.
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Men’s prayer meeting

by Bishop Jose Luis IMC

COVID19 has certainly affected the way we used to do things. In a number of cases we have just been completely unable to do “as we used to”.

At the same time it has also challenged us to find new ways to continue our being “baptised and sent”. Far from feeling there was nothing we could do and sitting down waiting for this to pass and go back to what should be normal, I am always amazed at the different initiatives being developed in our diocese.

One of them has been taken by the men.

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Our Lady of Hope (Lavumisa)

by Fr Massa IMC

On Sunday  October 11 after Holy Mass for the Christian community of Lavumisa, Mrs. Grace Mdluli and Ellen Maphalala asked me to wait a minute because the children had a surprise for me. A group of 14 /15 of them came forward and gracefully and joyfully danced the “Jerusalema.”

Mrs.G Mdluli briefly told me that these children from the 13  of May had come together on the 13 of each month to  pray the rosary together.

On the 13 of October I joined them for the prayer of the rosary. It was a moving experience !The bigger ones took it in turn to lead the rosary and most of them were holding the rosary in their hands . I thanked them and invited them to join the children of the world on the 18 , Mission Sunday ,to pray together a decade of the rosary for the end of Covid-19 and they did so .

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Being dressed for action

by Bishop Jose Luis IMC

On 20 October 2020, the clergy of the diocese came together at Our Lady of the Assumption for the first time in this year marked by COVID19. Below, the first part of my homily.


The readings we have just heard have not been especially chosen for this celebration but are the readings of the day and, therefore, part of the continuous reading of the letter of Paul to the Ephesians and the Gospel of Luke.

I kept them because I felt they have a message for us today as we come together for the very first time during this 2020 COVID19 year.

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