A country and a world without “trafficking in persons”

by Bishop José Luis IMC

Earlier this year, our diocese launched a “Trafficking in persons’ desk”. It was a natural step to be taken after all the initiatives of the past years: marches, round tables, awareness campaigns… It also followed a meeting of delegates from the Kingdom of Eswatini, South Africa and Malawi at Lilongwe in 2018 where the three countries and three organisations committed to work together: Caritas, the Eswatini Council of Catholic Women and Thalika Kum.

We were therefore grateful for the invitation to attend the launching of “The Kingdom of Eswatini National Strategic Framework and action plan to combat people trafficking” (NSFAP) last 8 August 2019 at the Royal Swazi Spa. Our diocese, through this desk, partners and want to be of support to the efforts being done by government.

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St. Joseph Sodality Donates to Esigcineni Torched Family

by Maduduza Zwane 

The St Joseph Sodality showed the works of mercy when they donated blankets, shoes, cooking appliance and clothing items to a torched family in Esigcineni. Below is Maduduza Zwane’s(Chairman of the Sodality) presentation on the day.


Father Mbongiseni Shabangu the parish priest for St. Don Bosco and caretaker rector at Salesian High School, Father Mahazule, Chairperson of St. Don Bosco Parish Council Sibongile Masuku, members of the St. Joseph Sodality and all present, I greet you with our important and significant greeting in the Catholic church. “Akadunyiswe uJesu Khristo! ” Izwi Laba yinyama:

Babe we are representing St. Joseph Sodality in the Diocese of Manzini an organisation of Catholic Married men.We have now a membership of more than forty men in the Sodality. Due to their work commitments, they could not come instead they delegated us to perform the presentation. Continue reading “St. Joseph Sodality Donates to Esigcineni Torched Family”

“The priesthood thought kept coming back and intensified”

By Thokozani Mkhonta

It still surprises me to realise that I am hopefully and joyfully journeying towards the Roman Catholic Church priesthood as a seminarian. I would never have imagined that attending mass for the first time in my life in April 2009 would dramatically change the course of my life.

It all began when I met and befriended a particular Catholic man in the neighbourhood of Luyengo where I was staying at the time. We would occasionally bump on to each other in the neighbourhood and hence began to know and talk to each other. He was a faith inclined person and thus faith was one of the topics that dominated our conversations though we rarely agreed on this topic as there were many things I then didn’t understand about the Catholic Church.
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“Nangu umpristi wenu omusha sha!’’

By Vusizwe Motsa

It has been a while since the Catholic Church in Eswatini received the gift of a new priest. It is always a jubilant and extraordinary celebration when this happens. On Saturday, 8th June 2019, it was not different. His Lordship, Bishop Jose Luis Gerardo Ponce de Leon IMC ordained Dabulamanzi Ntshangase to the priesthood at the Cathedral in Manzini. Hundreds of people from all over the diocese and neighbouring country South Africa came to witness this celebration.

Even before 10am, the Cathedral was already packed to the rafters. Throngs of people were already inside when the Bishop, the clergy, seminarians and altar servers made their procession inside while the Choir rendered entrance hymns. The candidate’s (Dabulamanzi) parents, other family members and friends were among those present. Continue reading ““Nangu umpristi wenu omusha sha!’’”