New members – Sacred Heart Sodality

by Babe Khoza

The 4th of March 2018, was a special day for us as the St. Joseph Sacred Heart Sodality, in that eight (8) of our new members took oath to God and received their crosses after successfully completing their six (6) month training which began in October 2017.

This of course followed Holy Mass which was celebrated by Fr. Dumsani Mazibuko. 

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First Diocesan gathering of Altar Servers

by Bishop Jose Luis

The idea was not new. It just took us time to launch it. Saturday 24 February saw the first gathering of Altar Servers in the Diocese of Manzini. Practically all the parishes were present though not all the altar servers serving in them could join us.

Fr Theodomir Sibomana (from Rwanda) worked on this idea during 2017. At the end of the year, when priests of the Diocese gather for the final meeting, he announced it would take place at our Cathedral. He then reminded them about it to make sure no one would be missed!

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Sharing with those who need it most

 by Bishop Jose Luis

Twice a month I preside Mass at Our Lady of Assumption, our Cathedral. Twice a month I do it at the outstations of the Cathedral.

This Sunday I was at St Gabriel (Moneni). I had not been able to be there before this year because of the meetings I normally have at the beginning of the year in South Africa.

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A visit to Embalenhle (St Joseph’s Parish)

by Babe Khoza

We visited one of our most remote outstations which had not been visited in a long long time, Embalenhle outstation. We prayed with them and shared the Word, we also visited old members who have become bedridden due to ill health. They were very happy about the visit.

We had brought them the ash from Fr Francis Motsa, we were shocked to discover that almost all the kids there had never been exposed to this very important activity of our Catholic Calender. It was unfortunate however, that we forgot to bring the Holy Communion.

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