Couples for Christ: ‘Clergy Lay Congress’


by Bishop Jose

I spent some days in Manila (Philippines) invited by “Couples for Christ” to join the celebration of their 37th anniversary. One of the events on the week before the anniversary was the “Clergy Lay congress” which brought together 11 bishops, over 200 priests and more than 600 lay people. 

Coming from the “Kingdom of eSwatini” I was asked to share a few words on the theme of the day: “The Church rejuvenates“.  

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CWL visits St Joseph’s Parish

By Dumsile Zwane-Dlamini

The Catholic Women’s League visited St Joseph’s Mission on the second Sunday of June. As a sodality that does charity work, the visit was to distribute hampers to the needy of the parish. The recipients of the hampers came from the outstations of the Parish. Some of the recipients physically came but some couldn’t come due to ill-health and their hampers were taken to their respective homes.

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“Spoil the Priests” lunch

by Lovey Ndlovu

On the 7th April 2018 the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) – Kwaluseni had  “Spoil the Priest lunch” at the Salesian Priest house, where they  invited 8 Priests from the different  parishes.

We intend to spoil them yearly, moreover, it is a way of showing appreciation for the wonderful work they do for us on a daily basis,  as well as to spend some time with them as they at all times have hectic schedules and they are constantly by themselves at the same time to get to know them better in a different environment. Continue reading ““Spoil the Priests” lunch”

Hospitality: CWL for St. Vincent

by Xolile Mkhwanazi

CWL 9 o clock group as Part of their adhering to their motto “charity, work and loyalty” decided to take upon themselves, from their own pockets to prepare a well balanced meal for the beneficiaries of St Vincent every month when they come to receive their small groceries first Sunday of the month. This is to ensure that they have a proper decent meal at least once a month and that they have something to eat as most of them come from very far.

May the Good Lord bless their charitable hearts, along with all the parish contributions, organisers, participants.