November 2019: Dialogue and Reconciliation in the Near East

Pope’s prayer Intention: Let us pray that a spirit of dialogue, encounter, and reconciliation emerge in the Middle East, where diverse religious communities share their lives together.

Far too many wars, political divisions, conflicts and hostilities between the diverse religious communities within the Near East have left populations scared and crippled in moral, financial and spiritual ways. This race to dominate has led to vicious murders that have little regard or respect for one’s neighbour.

Local leaders have manifested horrendous attitudes of greed and thirst for power leading to domination and autocratic decision-making, manifesting little interest in what is the best for their people and for humanity as a whole. Continue reading “November 2019: Dialogue and Reconciliation in the Near East”

32nd Sunday in Ordinary time – Year C

by Fr Peterson Muriithi

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Last Sunday we contemplated and celebrated the life of the saints, men and women who lived here on earth like each one of us. These people detached themselves from earthly things in order to serve and remain connected to God. Why did the saints despise earthly happiness and embraced the cross? Simply because they realised that earthly life is short lived compared to life after death (eternal life) that we all hope one day to attain. The faith of the saints and the hope they had in God gave them the courage to go against many baseless believes and oppressive laws that contradicted the Love and mercy of God. At a certain point also Peter and the other apostles replied before the council: “We must obey God rather than human beings!”(Acts 5:29). A Christian can only have such courage after deeply understanding that the life we have is freely given by God and if we remain faithful to him, even if we die we shall live as Jesus tells us in (John 11:25).
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Our takeaway home from the vigil of the EMY launch

By Maduduza Zwane

According to St. Luke the evangelist, Jesus appointed 72 others. This means these 72 were in addition to the 12 apostles that had been sent by Jesus to the whole world to spread the God News.

Jesus always called people and sent them to preach by word of mouth and through good example.

As Catholics we are baptised, this means are with Jesus and have a relationship with the Lord. Once baptised we must bring light on earth. Jesus was the first apostle. We are also his apostles because we are his followers. As his followers we are sent. We are sent to share the Word of God. We are sent to be exemplary in our families, communities and the church. Continue reading “Our takeaway home from the vigil of the EMY launch”

Solemnity of All Saints

by Fr Peterson Muriithi

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When we hear about all saints day, what comes in to our minds? Normally we think of the people who lived holy lives during their earthly life and after their death, they were beatified and canonised. We venerate the saints, ask for their intercession and we keep wondering how they managed to live holy lives in this sinful world. What we need to remember is that majority of the saints we venerate today and ask for their intercession, were born innocent like any other child including you and me, however their inclination to the original sin, human weakness and the influence that they got either from their immediate family members, friends or society in general started to eat away their innocence and entered in to sin of any kind as we all know from our catechism the definition of sin. “Sin is an offence against reason, truth, and right conscience; it is failure in genuine love for God and neighbour caused by a perverse attachment to certain goods…”
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