St. Joseph Sodality Donates to Esigcineni Torched Family

by Maduduza Zwane 

The St Joseph Sodality showed the works of mercy when they donated blankets, shoes, cooking appliance and clothing items to a torched family in Esigcineni. Below is Maduduza Zwane’s(Chairman of the Sodality) presentation on the day.


Father Mbongiseni Shabangu the parish priest for St. Don Bosco and caretaker rector at Salesian High School, Father Mahazule, Chairperson of St. Don Bosco Parish Council Sibongile Masuku, members of the St. Joseph Sodality and all present, I greet you with our important and significant greeting in the Catholic church. “Akadunyiswe uJesu Khristo! ” Izwi Laba yinyama:

Babe we are representing St. Joseph Sodality in the Diocese of Manzini an organisation of Catholic Married men.We have now a membership of more than forty men in the Sodality. Due to their work commitments, they could not come instead they delegated us to perform the presentation. Continue reading “St. Joseph Sodality Donates to Esigcineni Torched Family”

OLOA Youth and Deaf football match

by Fr Mark James OP

On Saturday 6 July 2019, a football match between the Youth of Our Lady of the Assumption parish and the Deaf community was held on St Theresa’s football ground at 3.00pm. This was the first time that the two teams met. It was also the first time that the hearing and the deaf members of the parish played a game against each other. The refereeing was unique because the referee used a red flag to catch the attention of the players, and not a whistle. Despite having to get used to this new way of refereeing a game for the hearing, the two sides quickly adjusted to each other.

It was a hard-fought match where neither team gave the other side any easy chances. By half-time the score was 2-2. The second half continued where the first half left off. Again, it was a tight game and goals were kept being scored at regular intervals. With five minutes left, the score was an evenly matched 4-4.
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SECAM set for 18th Plenary Assembly and Golden Jubilee

by Rev. Fr. Joseph Komakoma – Secretary General

All is set for the 18th Plenary Assembly and Golden Jubilee of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM), in Kampala, Uganda, from the 20th (Arrival) to 29th (Departure) July 2019, on the theme: “Church-Family of God in Africa, Celebrate Your Jubilee! Proclaim Jesus Christ Your Saviour”

The event will host about 300 participants, including representatives from the Vatican, Cardinals, Archbishops and bishops, priests representatives of Religious congregations, the lay faithful and other dignitaries from the length and breadth of the World, Africa and the surrounding islands who will deliberate on how far the church has come and what the way forward should be for the next fifty or so years. Continue reading “SECAM set for 18th Plenary Assembly and Golden Jubilee”

Reflection for the 16th Sunday in Ordinary time – Year C

by Fr Joseph Mafola

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The hospitality of Abraham.

One must remember that rain was scanty in that region. Whenever water can be found the land was fertile. But elsewhere the land was mostly barren if not a desert.

Hospitality then played an important role. A person asking for shelter was never turned away. To do so was tantamount to exposing the person to die of hunger and thirst. Abraham no doubt would have fulfilled his duty of hospitality towards anyone coming to him yet something in his heart told him that these men were no ordinary people. He soon discovered that they were God’s messengers. God himself accompanied by two angels.
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