September 2019: The protection of the Oceans

by Fr. Peter Schineller, SJ

Pope’s Prayer Intention: September 2019

Let us pray this month that politicians, scientists and economists work together to protect the world’s seas and oceans.

Oceans contain the bulk of our planet’s water supply, and also most of the immense variety of living creatures, many of them are threatened for various reasons.
Creation is a project of love given by God to humanity.
Our solidarity with the “common home” is born from our faith.
Let us pray this month that politicians, scientists and economists work together to protect the world’s seas and oceans.

Photos from the space station show planet earth as a beautiful blue marble with two-thirds of it covered by water. But here on earth, it is not so beautiful. We hear stories and see pictures of destruction. Ocean plastics kill millions of marine animals each year. Whales die with stomachs filled with plastic refuse. Coral reefs that sustain fisheries and tourism are disappearing. Every year 300 million tons of metals, sludge, and solvents are dumped into the world’s waters. One-third of fish species are threatened with extinction. Continue reading “September 2019: The protection of the Oceans”

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

by Fr Wiseman Nkomo

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1st Reading 3:17-18, 20, 28-29
2nd Reading Hebrews 12:18-19, 22-24a
Gospel Luke 14:1, 7-14

Humility is the best teacher of dependence and nothingness.

At first glance the first reading seems to be emphasising the benefits that one gets when he humbles himself/herself. An attentive reflection however reveals to the reader the understanding that through one’s humility others get the right to show their worth. In verse 3 we hear that he who conducts his affairs with humility is loved. This humility gives the lover an opportunity to offer his love to the beloved. Again in relation to God we are told that the humility of the great is a sign of dependence on God who gives to all the honour that is theirs. This type of humility is one that reveals our nothingness and need of both God and neighbour, so today we are given the lesson to be able to say through our actions “MY BROTHER and SISTER I NEED YOU” and again to say “MY GOD I DEPEND ON YOU.” The second reading exhorts us not to worry about how we are to address our need and dependence to God for we have Jesus who is our mediator and the angels our intercessors.
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21st Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

by Fr Wiseman Nkomo

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1st Reading: Isaiah 66:18 – 21
2nd Reading: Hebrews 12: 5 – 7, 11 – 13
Gospel: Luke 13:22 – 30

Salvation is available for everyone, but we are all invited into the narrow door.

In the first reading taken from the conclusion of the book of the Prophet Isaiah we find the Prophet reflecting on the picture of what will happen at the end of time. His emphasis is on the availability of the kingdom of God not only to the Jews but also to the Gentiles. “I am coming to gather every nation and every language.”(66:18) However as we all know that no one gathers without first sowing hence God will use his people Israel to go to all the nations proclaiming the glory of God. “I will send some of their survivors to the nations…they will proclaim my glory to the nation.”(66:19) It is God who will make out of those who have heard the proclamation of his Glory into priest. God here gives the work of mission to the Israelites who will go and proclaim a message of the glory of God and hence bring to the kingdom people from all nation. It is then that the words of the Psalmist will be fulfilled as all the nations will praise the Lord. (Ps 117:1-2).
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Gratitude from Hope House

by Sr. Elsa

July was a very busy month with house full of patients .Three of the clients were suffering from the third stage of Cancer and came with very serious conditions, all three of them died in RFM hospital after being referred. The four kids of Client S were discharged and went back home well improved in their condition and to continue with the ARVs. They had gained weight and were much improved.

T, 15 years, a defaulter is still battling for his life, he had been sent home and lost a lot of weight. M.K 33 years, another defaulter, has made a big improvement from the 23rd of July, now he is able to talk, eat and walk, we pray that he will be able to return back to his work. His girlfriend is taking care of him very well. Mrs. N 34 years came with her TB drugs and ARVs and was blind. The good balanced diet, physiotherapy and tender loving care promoted a speedy recovery. Her husband a soldier is also on ARVs.
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