Pope’s Chrism Mass homily

from: www.vaticannews.va

Pope Francis on April 18 led the Holy Thursday Chrism Mass in Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica in commemoration of the institution of the Holy Eucharist as well as the priesthood by Jesus at the Last Supper.

At the annual Chrism Mass, priests of dioceses gather around their bishops to celebrate their priesthood symbolising the unity of the local church. Patriarchs, cardinals, archbishops, bishops and priests present in Rome joined Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Basilica Thursday morning, to renew the promises they made on the day of their ordination. The blessing of the holy oils or chrism that is used in the various sacraments during the year takes place during the Chrism Mass. Continue reading “Pope’s Chrism Mass homily”

Reflection for Palm Sunday – Year C

by Fr Martin McCormack s.d.b. MA.LPC

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In the old liturgy, before Vatican II, the reading of the Passion was greeted with total silence. There was no homily. Even the concluding acclamation: “This is the gospel of the Lord” was omitted. On a day like this, I sometimes feel that the most eloquent response to the word of God we have proclaimed is silence. So a short reflection.

This morning we celebrate and dramatise the beginning of Holy Week called the Triumphal Entry of Jesus in Jerusalem or popularly known as the Palm Sunday. The disciples and the crowd hailed Jesus as king who comes in the name of the Lord. The scene has a celebratory atmosphere with people shouting: “Hosanna!” or hail to the king. But they were somehow frustrated of this expectation in Jesus as the Messiah who will liberate them from the bondage of slavery. Continue reading “Reflection for Palm Sunday – Year C”

“St. Joseph Mission Youth surprised us all”

by Hamilton Khoza

On Sunday 25th March, our Youth from St. Joseph Mission surprised us all, when after Holy Mass, they made an announcement that transformed us to an unimaginable state of emotion.

The Chairperson of the Youth, announced that as part of their activities, they decided to make a thorough assessment of the Church members and eventually concluded that Mrs Zamekile Shabangu is the one who should benefit from their “secret plan”… They presented her (in Church) with a wide and complete range of groceries that amounted to the tune of E879.00.  Our Parish has been encouraging us to actively engage in activities of charity to the struggling and needy people irrespective of religious affiliation, colour or creed. Our Youth made a wise decision of starting their campaign at ‘home’; as the adage that says – Charity begins at home. Continue reading ““St. Joseph Mission Youth surprised us all””

April 2019: Doctors and their Collaborators in War-Torn Areas

by Fr Frank Majka SJ

Jesus said we should “love one another as I have loved you.” Yet many times we human beings harm one another in ways that are violent and often lethal, especially in war. We may feel that our causes are just, but even in “just causes” people are killed, burned, maimed, disfigured or left to face lives filled with pain and suffering. Often those who are harmed are children. In one part of the world, over a three-month period this past year, 1,600 people were killed or wounded, 33% of them children. And though the warring sides are trying to negotiate their differences, the violence and suffering continue. Continue reading “April 2019: Doctors and their Collaborators in War-Torn Areas”