19th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year A

by Fr Odise SDB

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In the first reading (1 Kings 19:9,11-13) the question God put, Why are you here, Elijah? is a reproof. It concerns us often to ask whether we are in our proper place, and in the way of our duty. Am I where I should be right now? Whether God calls me, where does my business lie, and where may I be useful? Did Elijah go there to meet with God? Nevertheless he shall find out that God will meet him. God is ready to meet us even in our ordinary places. The wind, and earthquake, and fire, did not make him cover his face, but the still voice did. Gracious souls are more affected by the tender mercies of the Lord, than by his terrors. Our zeal for the Lord, for his people and his creatures should be manifested with our loving-kindness, because “the wrath of a man does not accomplish the righteousness of God” (Jas 1:20). The mild voice of Him who speaks from the cross, or the mercy-seat, is accompanied with peculiar power in taking possession of the hearts. Continue reading “19th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year A”

EMY – August: Women

Topic for August: Women
Saint to contemplate: Blessed Mother Mary, the master piece of the holy Trinity

The role model of girls and women that are exposed today are related to fashion, dating, marital and any interpersonal relationships as well as professional careers. Unfortunately, they do not deal with their future role as mothers. These models appeal to appearance, to fast fading popularity in the world of entertainment. Often they are of questionable integrity, thereby persistently ignoring the Christian and moral implications of womanhood.

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Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year A

by Fr Odise SDB

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In our first reading from the Prophet Isaiah (Is 55:1-3) the Lord invites Israel to come and enjoy the nourishing presence of God and His blessings, and thereby experience spiritual satisfaction. This section highlights not only the amazing provisions of God, but also that these provisions are free. In contrast to those who charge the thirsty for a drink, God offers drink to his people, not only water, but wine also. In addition, all these are for mahhala (free of charge) (v. 1). The rhetorical questions (v. 2) continue the previous thought, emphasising the futility of spending hard-earned money on food that will not nourish. God calls His people to eat what is good and rich without charge. The figurative nature of the previous verses is evident in what follows (v. 3). Though physical sustenance will surely be provided, Israel will be sustained through their obedience to the Lord and His provision of the everlasting covenant, a reference to the new covenant (see Jr 31:31-34), guaranteeing God’s ongoing nourishment. Continue reading “Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year A”

It was a joke until it hit home

by Vusizwe Motsa

When the outbreak of an unknown disease was first identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, nobody really paid much attention and we all thought it was ‘’their disease’’. I remember someone making a joke that China wasted an opportunity to name the virus with a name that recognises its genesis easily, like ‘’Kung-Fu virus’’. A plethora of jokes were made and those ludicrous jokes were funny until the pandemic hit Italy, spreading across the World and eventually our African continent. Suddenly, we woke up and paid attention. It was a joke until it hit home. The same virus that people were naive about was suddenly among us, affecting our own people and rearing its hideous head.

Nowadays, the coronavirus disease 2019, popularly known as COVID-19 and declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) in March 2020, is causing unfathomable havoc in the whole World. The Kingdom of eSwatini was not spared. Cases are skyrocketing daily and we have surpassed the thousand mark of positive cases, with death cases increasing as well. Since March 2020, when the lockdown was first put into effect, it seemed the right thing to do to combat the spread of the virus. But that also brought new challenges: people lost their jobs, businesses were closed, poverty levels took a dive for the worst, schools and churches were shut down, the economy was abruptly affected, etc. Continue reading “It was a joke until it hit home”