Feast of St Joseph at Christ the King

By Maduduza Zwane

The St. Joseph Sodality at Christ the King celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph the husband of the Virgin Mary. The celebrations included Mass presided by Father Pius Magagula, adoration of the Eucharist, speeches, lunch with the needy and praying the Holy Rosary.

The Shiselweni Region of St. Anne seized this opportunity to present the new priest Father Wiseman Nkomo with an Alb. Continue reading “Feast of St Joseph at Christ the King”

St Joseph’s feast at Christ the King

The St. Joseph Sodality at Christ the King will be celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph on the 18th March 2017 at our parish Christ the King. We celebrate the Feast with the disadvantaged people and people with special needs. We will have Mass which will be followed by the adoration of the Eucharist.

Thereafter, we will have presentations from three presenters on topics indicated in the program attached. We cherish St. Joseph for various reasons. St. joseph with humility accepted his role as guardian, husband and father in the Holy Family. He is very close to our Lord Jesus and took care of the Virgin Mary.

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Preparing for Lent

On Saturday 18 February, delegates from most of the parishes gathered at Bishop Ndlovu’s Hall (Bishop’s house) for a training in preparation for the coming Lenten Season.

Last year’s Jubilee of Mercy made us aware of the need of many people for “healing” and “forgiveness”. That is why the priests of the diocese suggested to follow the Jubilee with a year dedicated to those two important elements of our lives.

The first step will be done with the help of “Renew Africa”. Our Small Christian Communities will meet once a week and be guided by a booklet they have produced called: “Forgiveness and Reconciliation. Putting on the Mind of Christ” (by Jean Marie Hiesberger).

Sr Marie (from the USA) and Sr Aine (from Cape Town) came to the Diocese of Manzini to run the training. The diocese will be providing the material both in English and Swazi by the end of this month.