Opening of the New Maternity wing at St Theresa’s Clinic

On 14 May 2018, the Minister for Health, His Lordship Bishop Jose and the US Ambassador 
officially opened the new Maternity wing at St Theresa’s Clinic. 
Below is the Minister’s speech during the event

Date: 14th MAY 2018
Venue: St Theresa Clinic Manzini

Director of Events
Bishop of the Diocese of Manzini 
St Theresa Board and Staff
Senior Staff of the Ministry of Health,
Invited guests
The Media, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Good Morning all and thank you for providing me an opportunity to make remarks on this important event.

The Catholic Church has done it again Bishop as I mentioned at the Day of the sick at St Peter and Paul that as the Kingdom of Eswatini we greatly appreciate the role played by the Catholic Church in the Health Sector.

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Reflection on Pentecost Sunday

By Fr. Rocco Marra, IMC

Pentecost: The Eastertide, which is a week of weeks plus a day, culminates in the Solemnity of Pentecost, the 50th Day: the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is the fullness of Easter and the birth of the Church in an epiphany that completes the Sinai with the gift of the New Law, in the sign of fire and wind, written now in hearts changed from stones into hearts of flesh.

This very happy time is almost completely crossed by the month of May that the piety of the faithful consecrates to Mary.

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Youth Apostles of Christ at Sigcineni

by Sr Susan Soren

The Youth Apostles of Christ (YAC) members who took part in the program with Srs Mary Clara Topno and Susan Soren.

On the 6 th May 2018 Sr. Mary Clara Topno the Youth Apostles of Christ (YAC) animator conducted one day program for the YAC in collaboration with the community. She went to Sigcineni with Sr. Susan Soren. The YAC from Gebeni, Ntondozi, Malkerns and Sigcineni took part in the program. Sr. Mary Clara spoke to the youth about: Continue reading “Youth Apostles of Christ at Sigcineni”

The ongoing Ascension

By Fr W Nkomo

By his Incarnation, Jesus Christ weds divinity to humanity. By his Ascension, he leads humanity home to God. “The Ascension,” Corbon writes, “is the decisive turning point. . . the beginning of a new time: the liturgy of the last times.” This eschatological liturgy is celebrated in its fullness by the ascended Christ “seated at the right hand” of the Father.

It is celebrated on earth in via, yet truly, in that the holy banquet in which Christ is received. An earthly liturgy that is, inseparably, remembrance of Christ’s passion and pledge of future glory. On this day of the ascension the Church celebrates humanity’s arrival to our home in heaven through Christ the head of the Church. We celebrate this special feast by partaking in the sacrament of the Eucharist “Mass” in it according to Fr Robert Imbelli “Heaven and Earth meet, constellated around the ascended Christ who brings humanity into the very heart of the Godhead.” Continue reading “The ongoing Ascension”