Reflection on the 29th Sunday in Ordinary time – B

by Fr Francis Onyango IMC

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B
Isaiah 53:10-11
Psalm 33:4-5.18-20.22 (R. 22)
Hebrews 4:14-16
Mark 10:35-45

THEME: Call to Service

The gospel this Sunday reminds us that; ‘The Son of man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.’ Following in the footsteps of Christ means following the path of service. Christians should not be like guests at a wedding who wait to be shown where to sit, to be served and pampered and entertained and made to feel comfortable by others; no, Christians are like soldiers in a battle-field getting bruised, sweating and working hard so as to attain victory. We are the Lord’s army; fighting injustices, unfairness, hatred, divisions, laziness, and all the evils in the world. We are like farmers; sowing seeds of love, friendship, peace and consolation. A Christian is always an agent not a client because a client comes to be served while an agent does the serving!
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Moms at Mass, and Other Heroes

by Michael Pakaluk (the Catholic Thing website)

Like other professional men, if I want to attend weekday Mass, I have a choice between an early Mass in my parish and a mid-day Mass near my work.  I love seeing colleagues at the later Mass, and the thrill of the sacrifice, which comes specifically from putting work aside for the moment and giving that time directly to God. But at the morning Mass I have the great blessing of being instructed in Christian wisdom by the moms there with little children.

At most parishes there will be a couple of moms like this, not always the same ones at every Mass. In a city, where there are many parishes, and people improvise to catch the most convenient Mass, these moms with children will come to know one another, forming a kind of secret conspiracy of real Catholic devotion. Continue reading “Moms at Mass, and Other Heroes”

Go sell everything then come follow me

by Fr Francis Onyango IMC

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B
Wisdom 7:7-11
Psalm 90:12-17 (R. cf. 14)
Hebrews 4:12-13
Mark 10:17-30

THEME: Go sell everything then come follow me

The gospel today presents us with a question many of us ask: ‘what must I do to inherit eternal life?’ Everything we do as Christians from the Sacraments we receive, the worship, the works of mercy, the tithes we pay and the reading of the Word of God is all because of one thing: we want to inherit eternal life. The young man in the gospel today is asking the same fundamental question: ‘what must I do to inherit eternal life?’ From his conversation with Jesus, it is evident that it is not just about obeying the commandments, there is more to eternal life than following rules and regulations, or the dos and the donts! Continue reading “Go sell everything then come follow me”

October 2018: The Mission of the Religious

by Fr Chris Chatteris SJ

Pope’s Prayer Intention, October 2018

That consecrated religious men and women may bestir themselves, and be present among the poor, the marginalised, and those who have no voice.

Challenging stuff from the Pope to his fellow religious. We must ‘bestir ourselves’, in other words wake up and get moving. And we cannot but be impressed by Francis’ own powerful example. Even though he is the head of a vast and complicated institution which often seems designed to cocoon its leaders from the harsh realities of life, he cuts through it all with an easy directness and is himself able to connect with and be present to ‘the poor, the marginalized and those who have no voice’. Continue reading “October 2018: The Mission of the Religious”