Migrants and Refugees: a coordinated and sustainable response

By the SACBC

“I learned that you can be migrant even within your own community, in our parish we are not that concerned about reaching out to migrants and refugees, I will try hard to create a group/ committee to look at working with migrants and refugees in our parish,” said Thulile from St. Jude parish, on the attendees of a workshop on Migration in Eswatini.

It was a meeting of members of the Eswatini Council of Catholic Women (ECCW) from the 17 parishes in Eswatini. Twenty-three women, representing 16 parishes, met in the diocese of Manzini for a three-day workshop, from 29th April to 01 May 2022, on Migration under the theme “Migrants and Refugees: A Coordinated and Sustainable Response.” Continue reading “Migrants and Refugees: a coordinated and sustainable response”

For faith-filled young people

This month of May, the Pope begins a cycle of three prayer intentions dedicated to the family.

He has decided to begin by speaking first to young people, who “want to build something new.”

He offers them an example to follow: “When I think of a model with whom young people can identify with, our Mother, Mary, always comes to mind.”

Francis asks young people to take risks like she did, keeping in mind that they “need to discern and discover what Jesus wants” from them. In this discernment, Francis says, “it’s a great help to listen to the words of grandparents.” And he proposes three companions for their life journey: courage, knowing how to listen, and dedication to service. Continue reading “For faith-filled young people”

Journeying together

By Ayanda Nkhambule

As a member of the task team, entrusted by our Bishop to facilitate a smooth process of discernment for the people of God within the Diocese of Manzini, let me share the experience.

It all started when the Holy Father, Pope Francis called for a Bishops’ Synod on Synodality in 2023. The process that prepares for it began last year (2021) but in October, our Bishop, Jose Luis Ponce de Leon, launched it at the Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral in Manzini.

A synod in simple terms is a gathering of several people from different walks of life. These people come together to deliberate on a specific topic or problem. Usually, the Pope targets a specific group of people to discuss these topics; for example, in 2018, the Pope called for a synod on the Youth. That means, the topic of discussion was young people in the church and the target group was youth, so they were the ones who participated in discussion in local parishes. Continue reading “Journeying together”


by Fr Ncamiso Vilakati

As the deacon of the day, literally roared his name; Rev Deacon Fezile Khonzumenzi Dlamini, one could hear in the affirmative his loud voice saying Ngikhona!. Many were amazed at his courageous affirmative voice and his choice to walk alone down the aisle towards the sanctuary. It was only later when it dawned to many the sole reason, he said he was present, and the core of his duty, when the bishop after anointing him with Sacred Chrism that he should “Yemukela umnikelo webantfu labangcwele, lonikelwa kuNkulunkulu. Condzisisa lokwentako, ulingise lemfihlakalo loyigubhako: imphilo yakho ayilandzele imfihlakalo yesiphambano seNkhosi.” Indeed, this was the gist of him, presenting himself for the work of the priesthood. Continue reading “Ngikhona!”