5th Sunday of Lent “B”

vaticannews.vaBy Fr M. Makama

The promise of a new covenant in Jer. 31:31-34 is the only place in the Old Testament where a new covenant is directly mentioned. In other places only reminiscences are found. At this point in the History of the people of God they were at their lowest, the Temple had been destroyed. They are in exile. They have also lost their land. This translates to a nation which has lost its identity because the Temple and the land were the two sources of their identity. In the midst of all these mishaps God promises them something beautiful, a new covenant which will be engraved in their hearts. This is a source of hope and strength for them. Continue reading “5th Sunday of Lent “B””

Retreat Program for the St Joseph Sodality

by Maduduza Zwane

In the past the St. Joseph Sodality Celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph by having talks which are preceded by mass. The Sodality invited the disadvantaged around the parish to lunch with them.

This year the Sodality has decided to hold a retreat in the true sense of a Catholic retreat to step back and assess our progress in the spiritual life.

This we regard as an excellent activity to practice within our church and sodality. The retreat will be inclusive of our church congregants, the Christ the King Congregants, Sacred Heart Congregants and Our Lady of Sorrows congregants. Hence, the Sodality invites members of these parishes to attend. It is hoped that men who are married in the church will exceed all the other distinct categories of the congregants. This retreat has been organized by the St. Joseph Sodality, a Sodality of Catholic married man. Hence all men are encouraged to attend. Continue reading “Retreat Program for the St Joseph Sodality”

4th Sunday of Lent “B”

by Fr M Makama

The promised land is the inheritance that God gave to his people. When their infidelity to God has reached enormous heights, they lose God’s protection, their enemies run amock among and eventually cause them to leave the promised land and go into exile.

The physical departure from where God has placed them to go and be in exile is a movement that parallels the movement from God in their hearts which has manifested itself when they added infidelity upon infidelity . The agony which they went through living in exile is captured well in the Responsorial Psalm:

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New members – Sacred Heart Sodality

by Babe Khoza

The 4th of March 2018, was a special day for us as the St. Joseph Sacred Heart Sodality, in that eight (8) of our new members took oath to God and received their crosses after successfully completing their six (6) month training which began in October 2017.

This of course followed Holy Mass which was celebrated by Fr. Dumsani Mazibuko. 

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