Call for a week of prayer for Peace in the country

21 September 2018
St Matthew, apostle

Priests, religious and lay people

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

“peace is a gift of God entrusted to us”

This was the theme chosen by St John Paul II for the World Day of prayer in 1982. Peace is indeed God’s gift but also a task. In fact, he adds: “God’s gift of peace is therefore also at all times a human conquest and achievement”.

There is, in each one of us, a deep desire for peace: inner peace, peace in our families, in our country and in the whole world.

Fifty years’ ago, launching the day of prayer for peace, Blessed Paul VI wrote: “Peace cannot be based on a false rhetoric of words… Nor can one rightly speak of peace where no recognition or respect is given to its solid foundations: namely, sincerity, justice and love…” Continue reading “Call for a week of prayer for Peace in the country”

Reflection on the 25th Sunday in Ordinary time B

by Fr. Francis Huwn msfs

God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble  (James 4:6)

Wis 2:12, 17-20
Ps 54:3-6 and 8
James 3:16-4:3
Mk 9:30-37

St Augustine once said: “If you ask me which is the first virtue for a Christian, I will tell you that it is humility.  If you ask me again which is the second, I will say to you it is humility.  If you again ask me which is the third, I will still say that it is humility, and as often as you ask me this question, I shall always give you the same answer.” Continue reading “Reflection on the 25th Sunday in Ordinary time B”

Visit to Malindza Refugee Camp: SCCW, September 2018

by Babongile Mlambo

The visit to Malindza Reception Centre for the year 2018 by members of SCCW was a success. The event was blessed by the presence of His Lordship: Bishop Jose Ponce de Leon, who celebrated Holy Mass assisted by the Vicar Fr. J Mahazule, Fr S Ndwandwe and Fr V Mabuza; also joined by Catholic residents of the centre.

The theme of the day as highlighted by the Bishop was that we all have to remember and acknowledge the presence of the Lord amongst us, in-spite of various circumstances in our lives. In his homily, as a follow up to the Gospel of the day; he reminded the congregants that the visitation to Mother Mary by the angel Gabriel is an eternal promise that “God is with us”, a promise which tends to vanish from our minds each time we are facing challenges (maybe because Christmas which is the reminder comes once a year!). No matter what may come our way, we should remember that God’s promise is valid until the end of time and beyond. Continue reading “Visit to Malindza Refugee Camp: SCCW, September 2018”



(Celebrate the Legacy by wearing green!)

“When I give people bread, they call me a Saint. When I ask why people do not have bread, they call me a terrorist.” Fr Laurence ‘Larry’ McDonnell

This is the conundrum that has defined Larry throughout his Missionary life. It is the same conundrum that characterises the lives of many that have gone through struggle for liberation.

This is a book that chronicles the work of the Salesians and, in particular, that of Fr Larry, about how they shaped the lives of boys that went through their hands. It also brings out his contribution towards the liberations of South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. It also takes the story way back to the Potato Famine of Ireland, where most of these Priests hail, drawing a parallel between the liberation experiences of Ireland and South Africa, from the same colonial master – the British. It also links this background with the relationship that Ireland had with President JFK and how this has influenced their partiality to civil liberties, the worth of human dignity, the underlying need to protect vulnerable boys and the resistance against unjust authority, in general. Continue reading “LARRY – SIMPLY LARRY – the book”