25th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

by Fr Mbongiseni Khuluse

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Previous Sundays Gospel was based on the lost. The lost sheep, coin and son. By nature man is a wicked creature, his will is always against the will of God. We are forever lost in the mist of our imperfections but thanks be to God, by Jesus Christ His son who offered Himself as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins.

1st reading: Am 8:4-7

God will punish those who have abused their power, authority, wealth to enslave His people.
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A feast with a difference

by Bishop José Luis IMC

Sunday was the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. In our diocese it is an important feast as two parishes are called: “Mater Dolorosa” (Mbabane) and “Our Lady of Sorrows” (Hluthi). It is also an important feast for our “founding fathers” the Servants of Mary and the Sisters of the Servite family: Mantellate and Swazi Servite Sisters. The invitation came from St Joseph’s parish outside Manzini. They wanted to celebrate this feast bringing together the widows and widowers of the parish.

Arriving at the parish I asked Fr Wandile Dlamini OSM who is the parish administrator how many of them were expected to attend. He said: “we were giving a list with 100 names”. It was completely unexpected to me to hear of such a big number and, as he shared with me, also to him. No one guessed there were so many and, I believe, most of them – if not all – were there. Continue reading “A feast with a difference”

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

by Fr Mbongiseni Khuluse

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1st reading Exodus 32:7-11, 13-14

The chosen people of God rebel against God. They created their own god, an idol, that they worshipped saying “this is our god who freed us from slavery. God told Moses that since they are thick headed He will destroy them. Moses intervened on their behalf, so we can say that he resembled Christ who intervened for mankind. This was a glimpse of salvation, God remembering His promise to Abraham and Isaac. God revealing His unending love for His people, that even if they have sinned against Him yet He totally forgives them. Continue reading “24th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C”

The demise of the Just

By: Siya K. Ndwandwe

One of our seminarians Siyabonga Ndwandwe prepared the following about the xenophobic attacks, women abuse and murder that has been going on in our neighbouring country. Let us stand in unity!!

Conscience is dead, Couldn’t handle the imprisonment,
The confinement in the wicked human heart,
Justice gave up being just.

Voices of the innocent weeping for serenity, Consternation to reach my flawless life, Fear to explore the world, Fear to be a victim of one’s mistake. Continue reading “The demise of the Just”